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Copenhannah: How To: Look Like A Dane


So you want to look like a Dane? I don’t blame you. Danes are hot, so I’m going to tell you how to look just like them. I’ve taken The Meaning of Style for the last four months taught by a stylish Dane who I quote “feels uncomfortable” if he wears the same pair of shoes more than once in a month….

The weird thing is that right now I’m having my messy hair in a bum, I’m wearing huge black shirts with skinny pants and a scarf a lot. o.o 

So yeah..Kind of true..


Amelia Pond: Are you all right, Mister?
The Doctor: I’m fine! It’s okay! This is all perfectly normal.
Amelia Pond: Who are you?
The Doctor: I don’t know yet. I’m still cooking. Does it scare you?
Amelia Pond: No. It just looks a bit weird.
The Doctor: No no no. The crack in your wall, does it scare you?
Amelia Pond: Yes.
The Doctor: Well then, no time to lose. I’m the Doctor. Do everything I tell you, don’t ask stupid questions, and don’t wander off. 
Amelia Pond: You all right?
The Doctor: Early days. Steering’s a bit off.

I wish I could draw this well.

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